Digital Rez would like to introduce N.P.W.S

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services (NPWS) is part of the Office of Environment and Heritage, within the New South Wales Governments Department of Premier and Cabinet in Australia.

NPWS overseas the operation of 850 national parks and reserves, that is roughly 6.8 million hectares comprising landscapes from rainforests and rugged bush to coastal beaches and outback desert with many different ranges of accommodation available, from Homesteads and Lighthouse Cottages to Campsites.

NPWS WebsiteEach park and accommodation property within the NPWS portfolio is unique in their requirements for an online reservation system. DigitalRez has made all these possible by implementing our “Cloud” based RezExpert Central Online Reservation and Property Management solution for the department.

Starting in May 2012, the first phase of the project saw the successful launch of the initial properties on the RezExpert Central system; Rangers, customer service staff and the general public have immediately started to enjoy the benefits of a centralised online booking system available directly from the NPWS website.

This is just the beginning of what will be an exciting future between NPWS and DigitalRez. The next phase II project will start later this month and will involve bringing a further 100 additional properties onto the new system in the coming months. View the main website and one of the online booking interfaces at the links below

NPWS Online Booking Website


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